About Us

My Ecophoria

An online-based store that aims to inspire you on the usage of sustainable products and utensils in your household and everyday chores. 

Since 2020, we have worked incredibly hard to find the correct suppliers and business partners that are able to offer you a wide range of unique and affordable products, that can help you with your commitment.

These zero-waste habits that we are all capable of practicing, are driven by the ever-growing interest in wanting to reduce the impact we all have on the environment and contribute to a more sustainable way of life.

Ecophoria came as an inspiration from the blending of two words that have a special meaning for each and every one of us: Eco, which ancient Greek used to describe their House or Household and the word Euphoria, an excited state of mind which can be described as ‘’Intense Happiness’’.

While you browse through our page, we hope that you feel the Euphoria of inhabiting this beautiful planet and that you join us on this wonderful journey of impacting it positively. 

And lastly, please don't forget it is not about achieving perfection at all times, but about taking slow, mindful steps in our daily lives to make a long-term impact.